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One of the main aims of TECH4Heritage is training local Cultural Heritage staff in Iraq to create and share 3D models of archaeological sites and objects.

Digital technologies are creating opportunities to preserve cultural heritage by creating digital replicas in 3D. The need for 3D digitisation of cultural heritage is very relevant in the context of recent devastating events like the destruction of cultural property during armed conflicts, through fires or as a result of natural hazards and changes in climate conditions.  These all remind us that cultural heritage is fragile and at risk. 

Digital technologies, including 3D, have an important role in the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage and in creating virtual replicas that bring sites to life. These offer visitors the possibility to see cultural heritage in context and to experience sites and objects that are inaccessible to the public.

As with all new techniques it is important to offer training for cultural heritage professionals, researchers, enthusiasts as they develop their skills, knowledge and capacity for 3D digitisation projects.

T4H is an inclusive Iraqi/European initiative to train local people in 3D digitisation methods and techniques of the cultural heritage.  We are planning and delivering training in partnership with the State Board of Antiquities and local organisations in five centres across Iraq.

A five-day training workshop with lectures, demonstrations, hands-one experience capturing data on site and processing the results in the classroom to produce 3D models.



Tech4Heritage plans to deliver 5 training workshops across Iraq in: