This phase begins with intensive 5-day workshops followed by a year when trainees will be supported by professional 3D digitization experts as they digitize cultural heritage. Training will include documentation, 3D modeling and Data management.

Training workshop in Nasiriyah May 2023

During this phase, trainees will travel to archaeological sites, historic buildings and museums to digitize cultural heritage and document its condition. Captured data will be turned into 3D models. T4H will organize activities for trainees in every governorate involving expert technicians and famous archaeologists.

Trainees will be ambassadors of their Heritage. In this phase T4H will share news of the digitization of Iraqi Heritage and the 3D models produced. Through a media campaign, our goal is to build a virtual cultural bridge between different Iraqi regions and between Iraq and the rest of the world.

We’re planning 5 workshops in spring – early summer 2023.

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Mesopotamia is the cradle of civilization

Digital technologies have changed our approach to documenting heritage.  Contact us now to find out more about our project or to tell us about your digitisation activities.